Fresh produce delivered to your door
Fresh produce delivered to your door
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Fruit Selection Box
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Fruit Selection Box

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Our teams' pick of the very best fruits and berries, your box will include the following:

Mango 1 each
Canteloupe Melon 1 each
Seedless Grapes 0.5 kg
Clementines 8 each
Seasonal Apples 4 each
Kiwi 4 each
Seasonal Pears 4 each
Pineapple 1 each
Pomegranate 1 each
Passion Fruit 2 each
Large Orange 2 each
Blueberries 1 each
Blackberries 1 each
Rhubarb 0.5 kg
Banana 1 kg

*Your box content may vary slightly, we will choose the best quality produce for you